Maximum security

Autentificare în 2 Timpi

Two ways authentication, first one standard, using a username and a password, or a random generated password with a token or, a second one, with a password generated by the server itself and sent instantly to your email address. This authentication method - One Time Password (OTP) - makes any keylogger that might be installed on your PC useless. In time, we will give up the option of asking the server for a unique key to be sent to your email address, for the simple fact that any email address can be accessed by unauthorized persons and also the fact that an email message can be delayed. At that point in time we will offer a token for each authorized user of your company for a small price.

Maximum security

Transfer Criptat

Connection and transfer are encrypted, using a digital certificate („https“). This method will prevent any possible information leakage.


When you purchase a license, you will be automatically given a period of 1 year technical support. Afterwards, if you require our support, we can conclude a maintenance contract for any period of time, with a value of 20 € monthly.


Being a web application, this one can be accessed from anywhere on the globe if your computer is connected to the Internet.

Maximum speed

Uptime 99,99% guaranteed! Our server is situated in Bucharest, Profisol Data Center . Profison Data Center offers connections through the main Romanian operators. These operators provide fully redundant connections from their locations inside the Profisol center.

Just 3 clicks away

Yes! With only three clicks you can add a new person to the database. We have also created a module that we can integrate into your website, and the persons there are interested to apply for a job within your company will just fill the form. Then, you will receive an XML file attached to the email, sent by the web server, that you can check and import if all the details are correct.

Export Info

The information filtered by search engines can be exported to an XLS file.


Confidentiality is guaranteed by signing a contract between both parties. We do not offer any information to a third party under any circumstances or form (not even a comma), unless the law will force us to do it, and even then, we will contact you, in advance, in writing or by the phone.


We have created for you two search engines. Why two? Simple, you can work simultaneously with more than one person, so that you can just jump from one to another without interruptions when someone else has requested some details very quickly.

Find anything

You can find one or more persons by experience, if he/she is boarded, if they have a certain visa or not, if he/she is available or if they have certain certifications or IMO courses. These options can be used by themselves or combined to increase the precision of the search.

Complete App

Complete „Application Form“ with picture attached, endorsements, certifications, IMO courses, references, work experience with different ships, personal documents, visas and others, all of these in every details. Once you complete the information on every person, you can export the „Application Form“ to a PDF format and you cand keep it or send it to the employer, as required.

Access everything

Maximum security access to any file from anywhere one you authenticate yourself with the application. You can just access a shared folder on the server's network, containing any kind of documents.

Improved compatibility

The application is compatible with a large number of browsers like Firefox 3+, Internet Explorer 7+, Chrome, Opera 10 and others. For a great, unique and sublime experience, we suggest you use the latest versions of your favourite browser.

Easy Communication

To increase work efficiency, we have created a chat plugin within the application. This will help you communnicate very easy, in real time, with your employers already authenticated within the application, without using a phone or worse, shouting.

Transparency and Trust

You are in control! At any point in time you can see every authenticated user, login time, from what IP and with what unique key. This fact must ensure your trust in us and that what we do is a work of true professionals.

Each at the time

Inline with every document, course, approval, visa, interview, passport, seaman's book, ... , there is a button which can help you upload to the web server the scanned or any other version of the document, for each of the above mentioned documents.

Notification in advance

Inline with every document, course, approval, visa, interview, passport, seaman's book, ... , if the document's valability has expired or it is closed to its expiry date (reference period is 14 days, but it can be changed), you'll find a red exclamation mark that acts as a reminder.

Safety copy

For your own safety, we create, daily, a backup copy of your database, and, if needed, we can restore the data if you require this.

Great Layout

Is there such thing as perfection? We believe there is! Besides the fact that the application is extremely safe and efficient, it has also a great layout, which you can check for yourself by clicking here .

Something extra ?

If you require more than our application can offer, please contact us and tell us in details what would you like the application to perform, and if we consider that this requirement is useful in general and good for our clients, we will make sure the features will be available as soon as possible..